About Us

The Company

Panchsheel Group is a leading Indian Builder and Developer- leading with compelling impact towards excellence. With vision and experience in designing and building residential and commercial complexes, the Group exhibits the most superior standards in terms of quality and yet remains affordable to the masses. With the passing time & experience, the Group is giving new dimension to the white board, getting recognized, respected and trusted in NCR. This goodwill is the result of the company’s outstanding efforts and achievements for nearly 3 decades.

The Panchsheel Group is committed to provide finest homes to the masses designed aesthetically and valued at superlative standards. Panchsheel Group believes in a futuristic approach to strengthen this commitment to excellence in every aspect and in each project undertaken.

The Group is also committed towards realizing its motto of designing residential and commercial complexes for a progressive and modern India, yet adhering to traditional values, which according to us positively transforms the world and makes it a better place to live in.


To provide homes and commercial infrastructure for a modern India which not just compare to the best in the world but are affordable too.


Our mission is to honestly and ethically stand by our commitment to deliver real estate projects. On time. On exacting world standards. On expectations that our clients have. On the high standards that we have set for ourselves.


The Panchsheel Group is driven by the philosophy of providing every person with a lifestyle which with its par-excellence brings comfort and convenience at affordable prices. Our commitment to our values fosters a genuine feeling of community and allows everyone to focus on the fulfillment of common goals.

The Group’s inspirational dedication to the value serves as a guiding philosophy. Quality, Technology and Adaptability for every undertaking always remain at the forefront of the values adopted by the Group. The concern for the highest levels of quality is nurtured at every level to achieve the crucial requirement for keeping pace with progress.

Driving Force

With vision to design and build such residential and commercial complexes which showcase excellence in quality, design and specifications, yet are affordable to the masses, Panchsheel Group has come up to be a recognized, respected and trusted real estate developer in NCR. The workforce here is not only highly qualified but also highly adaptable to every challenge that comes in the way. The ability to take on challenges has enabled the Group to successfully execute projects that have been new to its experience.


The Panchsheel Group continues to honour its commitment to the founding philosophy of making available superior quality infrastructure to every Indian, We foresee a future that promises to be at par with global standards, yet appreciated and owned by masses; A future where the Group continues to be at the technological forefront of the real estate sector; A future that strengthens commitment to excellence; A future that makes the world a better place to live in.